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At Atlanta Window Coverings, we have all the accessories and treatments you need to complete your windows. When you are looking for window tinting in Atlanta, GA, reach out to us. Our professionals work with industry-leading films and offer excellent service at a competitive price. With our tinting, you boost your home’s energy efficiency for lower heating and cooling bills.

Our team is here to install high-quality, long-lasting window tinting at your home or office. We’re available to answer any questions as well as quote a price for our services.

The Benefits of Luxury Window Tinting

Tinting offers a number of advantages. It increases indoor comfort by reducing glare and helping to regulate temperature, keeping rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Additionally, tinting filters out harmful UV radiation, which protects your furniture and other items from discoloration. And by reducing visibility into your home, tinting also enhances your privacy.

Luxury window tinting is also available in different designs. There are films that can give your windows the look of etched glass, for example, for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Once installed, your tinting also fortifies the glass, making it stronger and more resistant to cracks. For more information about tinting, window shutters, or any of our other products, give us a call today.

Add Flair To Your Window Treatments

Never underestimate the importance of windows in your home. They increase the light, give the illusion of more space, and naturally enrich your mood. To upgrade the look of your windows, consider the addition of window decor items that catch light or are otherwise enhanced by the touch of the sun.

Windows make perfect frames that provide natural lighting for any design element. With the installation of elegant window shades, you can further elevate your room's look and style. When you have a feature in your home that so effortlessly alters the feel of a room for the better, it just makes sense to give it some flair.

Let our knowledgeable staff offer suggestions for blinds and designs that will give your windows the treatment they deserve. We can suggest window decor items and help you develop ideas for framing these essential elements in your home. Our team can shed a little light on why it’s important to add filters to your windows and what makes drapes, shutters, and blinds such a crucial part of your interior design plan. There’s no time like the present to discuss ways to improve your energy efficiency with window treatments and give your home a facelift that is as practical as it is beautiful.